The digital YOU is now yours to control

Authentys brings truth and transparency to education credentialing; facilitating a trust relationship between prospective candidates and employer. The background process that we know today will be transformed by our blockchain-layered technology providing an efficient, immutable, verifiable, and transparent verification process.

Authentys is dedicated to a secure process by which employers can quickly gain access to qualified candidates.

The Authentys Identity wallet will provide prospective candidates with a secure and ascertainable marketplace to store and share identity credentials of all types, setting candidates apart from imposters; prioritizing you as a candidate.

Authentys has three product models to support every level of need, create stickiness and nurture up-sell opportunities.

Authentys level 1


Get started with a free Authentys account. Upload and self-certify documents.

Your personalized, file-hosted account will allow you to upload credential documents (such as degrees, certifications, membership cards), and store credentials in a single, web-based location for instant access from anywhere with internet.


Authentys level 1

Authentys-verified certification

Your school or institution sends credentials directly to Authentys at your request, ensuring document provenance and authenticity.

The blockchain environment provides an efficient, peer-to-peer, secure verification process–allowing you to be you, authentically.


Authentys level 1

Organization-issued certification

Direct integration with universities and institutions enable quick and seamless verification. Cryptographically guaranteed credential verification, even when the credential issuer no longer exists. A credential can be shared by the user with an unlimited number entities without involving the issuer.