Authentys brings simplicity, speed, security and control to credential and background verification

Traditional background and credential verification is a very manual, slow, insecure process.

Due to the simplicity and speed, entities and individuals increasingly have come to rely on social media and websites to gain background information on an individual’s education and other important credentials.

These listings are currently only supported by that individual’s claim that they possess the listed degrees, backgrounds and certifications.

Verification is a key, missing component.

Falsification of impressive backgrounds and credentials has become rampant, diminishing the value to those who truly hold those credentials and accomplishments.

Authentys clients are able to quickly and easily create a blockchain wallet and securely embed their credentials in a blockchain. They can then securely disclose any of their credentials and the supporting documentation only to people and organizations they choose - like employers, banks, social organizations and investors. Authentys provides certification seals for each level of verification which Authentys can attach to a client’s social media profile listing of those credentials.

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