Powered by blockchain

Authentys uses SHA 256 hash to securely store the document in the cloud and the user will be able to send access tokens to others. Tokens can set time limits/uses/expiration for that person to view the document.


true power of crypto

Today’s takeaways

1. basics Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology–DLT

2. trends Blockchain in action

3. strategy Finding opportunity in the evolving world of transactions

Distributed Ledger Technology

Value drivers of DLT

Digital Ledger Technologies

The utility of


Why decentralization matters

Eliminates the need for payment processors

Transfers power and control from large entities to a broader network

Reduces transaction cost

No one entity holds the data

The future is decentralization

The expansion of the gig economy

Decentralization of nearly every sector from information to labor to energy

Law of economics: Reduces costs, improves service

Hyper-localizes transactions and, in turn, power

Evolution of the web


The value web will be a
massive peer-to-peer network

Distributed Ledger Technology

The self-sovereign life

The cryptocosm created by joining blockchain technology to cryptography is powerful. Its core architecture makes security a property of the system––not an afterthought.

Allowing people to control their own identities and their own security––rather than relying on an unvested third party––shifts power to the user.